Founded by Caryl Terlezki, Design Stuff works in the UK and internationally.


I was born in Wales, studied in London and have lived all over the world, literally wherever my work has taken me. Now I've managed to scale it down a bit and operate between Brighton, London and the Isle of Wight. 

My 25 years of design experience have taught me to really listen to my clients and observe how they live in order to ensure that I create a space that suits them individually and not a homogenised, stylised package that I apply across all my work. 

I thrive on creating a space for people who may have great ideas and concepts but struggle, or do not have the time, to source and manage their projects.

Key to my commissions are good craftsmanship, proper supervision and clever sourcing. Blend with current technology and you will have a space that is uniquely you as well as being practical and comfortable.



How Design Stuff works with clients



Once you have decided you would like to work with Design Stuff we would arrange a meeting with you to discuss your needs.

This generally incurs a minimum fee which we will apply to the design fee should you choose to proceed with our services.

Design projects have multiple directions and each request for your help is considered on an individual basis, so at this stage we can suggest the best suited to your requirements.

If it is just to source and purchase furniture and fittings and construction materials we generally give you our designers discount and apply an arrange fee percentage. Often this cost is considerably less than if you had sourced, selected, and had the furniture delivered yourself.

If it is for hourly consultation or to present a full set of floor plans ,design furniture or project manage we will present you with a fair and clear breakdown of fees and costs. 

We consider all the detail so as to make it as stress free and unique experience.


Bespoke Design

We design all aspects of furniture for your home or office and have a team of bespoke cabinet makers which we will commission to build your furniture.


Project Management

We have managed a wide range of renovation, design and construction commissions, from huge commercial projects through to bijou apartments across a variety of sectors. Not limited to housing; boats, bars, restaurants and offices are all spaces that have benefited from our services.

We will happily work within your budget alongside your builder and architect, should you have already selected one, otherwise we can help with selecting an appropriate professional, to manage the work at your home or project, and make any necessary applications for approval.

We have a vast library that we can use to find all construction material, plumbing and electrical fittings you may need to create a functional and aesthetic concept.



Design Stuff can help you make the most of property investments with eye-catching make-overs to make any residence Airbnb ready. Our team can offer the best possible styling as well as sourcing the materials and accessories to make your property unique and really work for you.