Home is where the heart is and whether you live in a cottage or a castle the considerations are the same.  How can the space be renovated and used most effectively for family living, entertaining, or simply retreating? How best to express personal taste and create an effortlessly stylish environment? Design Stuff can help you achieve the home you dream of on the budget you have. 

From modern rustic to vintage classic we listen to our clients to create a bespoke environment that is uniquely individual.

We have completed a wide range of renovation, design and construction commissions, from huge commercial projects through to bijou apartments across a variety of sectors. Not limited to housing, boats, bars, restaurants and offices are all spaces that have benefited from our services which include project management, procurement, fit-outs, space planning and interior design.

Design Stuff can help you make the most of property investments with eye-catching make-overs and refurbishments to make any residence Airbnb ready. Our team can offer the best possible styling as well as sourcing the materials, furniture and accessories to make your property really work for you.




We have designed for clients with homes in the British Isles and the Greek Isles to the islands of the USA and to the Caribbean, and back again. Whether you require bespoke furniture, cabinetry, project management or just interior decoration, we can help to make it stress free.



Design Stuff has extensive experience in designing and project managing shops, offices, restaurants, clubs and beach bars. Our team is available for all aspects of procurement, from furniture to fittings and project managing.



The crew really enjoy working with the sailing community designing, renovating and redecorating boats, yachts, yacht clubs and boathouses in both the Caribbean islands and those off the Solent.



Our team have assisted styling and sourcing projects for events, photo and film shoots. We create image and lifestyle refurbishments to enhance a property to encourage sales, lettings and Airbnb. Design Stuff also create and brand products for e-commerce businesses.